Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day 24: Michigan City to Home!

We left at 8:10am CT but by 8:32am CT we were in Michigan and it was 9:32am EST.
By 3:30pm we had crossed at the Canadian border. It's hard to drive east when we wish we could be continuing westward on a longer vacation.
Well 6000+km and not an issue but we ran into a 2hr delay at Guelph Line due to an accident.
We broke out the chips and cookies and had a party.
At the beginning of this trip I talked about the sweet spot and it's true - this has been the easiest time we've had traveling since becoming parents. We also were told by our camping neighbours and a waitress at Sophia's House of Pancakes how polite our girls are. That is nice to hear.
Also we are definitely canyon and mountain lovers. We already miss Utah and those grand red rocks.

I'll end this segment of the travel blog with a magnet I bought at Dead Horse state park:

Advice from a CANYON:

Carve out a place for yourself;
Aspire to new plateaus;
Don't get boxed in;
It's OK to be a little off the wall;
Reach deep!

Day 24 stats:
Departing mileage: 19,999km at 8:10am CT
Crossing to Michigan: 9:32am EST
Fuel stop : 1:50pm EST, I-69, 20,400km
Stopping at Duty Free Port Huron: 2:00pm EST
Crossing to Ontario: 3:30pm EST
Arriving mileage: 7:58pm EST, 20,785km !!!!!

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