Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day 23: Michigan City, Indiana

Last night, after a yummy dinner of shrimp alfredo we went for a drive and found Bubbles Ice Cream shop. Indiana makes great ice cream. We went to scope out the shopping and found Sketchers and the girls got 2 pairs of shoes each. We also picked up some groceries including gourmet ice cream ( ) made just here in Valparaiso Indiana.
Today was all about shopping. We stated at Sophia's House of pancakes for breakfast (Sophia had the Mickey Mouse pancakes and Jess had crepes; Tom and I had skillet breakfasts). By 8:58am we were at the Gap to start shopping. Between the outlets and Walmart the girls got all their school clothes and supplies. Tom and I did well too. Coach was my favourite and Tom made out good at Under Armor.
We fueled up at The Olive Garden for a late lunch and then back to the campground. It was like Christmas with the girls opting to open all of their new school supplies rather than go to the pool.
Later they watched a movie with their new friend Mara on her big screen, in their own tailgate party with cupcakes and popcorn! It's nice to see other couples camping and having fun with their kids too.
Tom and I had a nice fire and had the outside TV on for the first time this summer. With Chicago so close we got tons of high def channels off the air.
We have to come back here - as usual , 1 day was not enough. And the campground is so serene. Tom and Sophia fed the ducks with our old bread. There were some huge bugs and I screamed when Tom flicked a huge wasp off his sleeve right onto my skirt. Ack! The darker side of glamping.

It was a fun day and this was a good way to wind down the vacation.

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