Friday, August 16, 2013

Day 22: Greenwood NE to Michigan City, Indianna

We left at 6am CT. On the menu for breakfast were hot scrambled egg, cheese and ham tortilla wraps with Starbucks coffee and Tropicana OJ. We ate this after we got on the I-80 East. Great start to our day!
We crossed the Mormon Bridge over the Missouri at 6:45am CT into Iowa.
I bought Kindle books as the Wi-Fi was good at the campground (finally!) and now Jess is awake at 8:30am CT and engrossed in "The Elephant's Tale". She'll be done by breakfast! A fast way to spend $6 but it's worth it to see her love reading so much.
I bought Sophia 2 books: "Sophie the Daredevil" and "Sophie the Snoop".
These kids travel so well.

We crossed into Illinois at 11:32am CT across the Mississippi River off the I-280 bypass around the quad cities of Davenport, Rock Island, Bettendorf and Moline.

19714km fuel stop 12:24pm CT, Illinois

Entering Indiana at 2:53pm CT - very congested traffic; glad it wasn't closer to rush hour. Lots of stop and go. We took the toll road to be fast but it was slow at the end --waited 15 min to pay. What was nice was someone told us we had a compartment door open so I ran out to shut it. I'm glad it was just the water tank and we didn't have stuff flying out all over the freeway.
We finally pulled in around 3:45pmCT. The campground is lovely. Our neighbours are friendly and Sophia made friends with the 2 girls already.
It's not too hot or cold and the pool is calling.

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