Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 21: Colorado Springs, CO to Greenwood, NE

We left at 6:45am this morning and it's been a good driving day. We are about 15 miles from our destination. We crossed into Nebraska in the morning and then crossed time zones back into central time.  We did a couple of fuel stops.  The girls played multiplication dice games and then Sophia wanted to learn multiplication – she was quite disappointed that I only had brought math exercises for Jessica, so I had to make some up for her.  Jessica practiced rounding to thousands and hundreds and at first she was quite upset because she had forgotten (the phrase "there's no crying in math" comes to mind.) But I was patient and by the end she got it and was actually bored because it was so easy.   Looking forward to a relaxing night. Tom has been on the road 9 hours now with very little breaks – he's an awesome long distance driver.


Post script:  We saw a sign for Parker's Smokehouse – BBQ with Soul, about 3miles north, off our exit #420 from the I-80. After setting up we went for ribs, catfish, coleslaw, New York Fries, sweet potato fries, coleslaw and potato salad and caramel apple crumble and ice cream. We didn't make it to dessert but dinner was finger licking good. I think it's the best meal we've had on our vacation. Excellent place and we only saw locals there.  I made spaetzle for the kids and they love the ribs and catfish too.


Day 21 stats:

Departing Colorado Springs:  6:45am MT, 18,193km

Love's Fuel Stop I-76, 8:30am MT, 18,358km

Entering Nebraska 11:05am MT, 18,603km, 25C

Entering Central Time Zone:  11:47MT

TA Fuel Stop: I-80, 3:08pm CT, 18,865km

Arriving Pine Grove RV Park, Greenwood, NE:    5:17pm CT, 19,117km

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