Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 19: Bitter, Lily & Rosetta, Academy Riding Stables, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Jessica and I started this day with a little walk. We came across Academy Riding stable behind the RV park and before you knew it we were booked for a 1 hour ride through Garden of the Gods park.  They only had 3 available spots so I went with the 2 girls and Tom rode his bike through the park. I'd never been on a horse before so it was a new experience. The girls were very comfortable since they had some riding time from their camp. Jessica was so excited she was vibrating.   Jessica's horse was Bitter, Sophia's was Lily and I had Rosetta. Rosetta was a little wayward and walked me into a tree and a bush.  It was very picturesque with the red rock and lush green foliage.  We saw sleeping giant, kissing camel and rattlesnake rock. Our wrangler was very good and gave us some history of the park.  Riding the horse and moving with them as they walked, going up and down steps built into the sandy path was a little scary but also worked very well. It was like we were a team for a little while.

After this we came back for home made mini-burgers with guacamole and a rest. Then we headed up to Cave of the Winds – the girls wanted to try the "Bat-a-pult" but it was closed due to rain.  We came back and had a nap and tried again around 4:30pm when it was sunny. The girls loved it and Sophia wants to know "when next we'll be back here" so she can go again. They also did an aerial obstacle course called Wind Walker. These girls are totally happy when their feet are not on solid ground.

We had to get some parts at the auto shop and they recommended a Texas BBQ pit called Dickey's BBQ. Food and beer were delicious. We got chicken fingers , pulled pork, mac and cheese ribs, coleslaw, potato salad, honey ham, ribs and waffle fries.  My beer was from Texas and Tom's from Oregon. 

Now we're all packed for our trip up Pike's Peak tomorrow.  14,000 feet here we come.


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