Sunday, August 11, 2013

Day 17: Mesa Verde National Park, Cortez, Colorado

It's the end of the day, almost bedtime for the munchkins.  I just asked Sophia what the best part of her day is.

This is her list.

#1:  Balcony House because she got to go through a tunnel and go into the house.
#2:  Climbing into a Kiva because it was interesting. It was interesting that it looked big on the outside but it was small once you climbed down the ladder.
#3:  Paper doll fashion show with Jessica.
#4:  Cliff Palace dwelling tour.
#5:  tie between -- seeing 2 baby deer, a mama deer and a teenager deer jumping across the road;   & getting her Junior Ranger badge; & getting gooey with S'Mores !!!

That's it. She couldn't pick just one best part. That's the best part of my day. ;-)

Balcony House was a pretty adventurous tour. I was a little nervous of that tunnel and then the ladders up the sheer cliff wall to get out. Cliff Palace was  easier to get to but it was not as interesting as you could not walk on the same floors as the ancient Pueblos did (Anasazi).  Climbing into the kiva was fun too -- it was a 100 ft descent down and then back up to the house site-- I was tired after that. Everything is harder when you have 20% less oxygen to deal with.

We started the tours at 9am and it was a one hour drive into the park from the RV camp - the park is that big. We didn't get back until 3pm.   Another go -go-go day.  But totally worth it.  Seeing the deer in the park was exciting - I had 6 deer sightings in total. 

There are meteor showers tonight - so we'll be looking for that. (if we can stay up).

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