Sunday, August 11, 2013

Day 15: Sunrise at Mesa Arch in Canyonlands

Today we all got up before dawn to trek out to Mesa Arch, a 40 min drive then a 15 min hike. The girls were tired but wanted to see the sun rise.  It was 17 deg so I dressed them warm. As we drove up we saw a few mice and a coyote; he stopped on the road and then in the brush to look at us. His eyes glowed in the dark ! Cool.  Once we  parked and started hiking to Mesa Arch is was already light but we were still on the look out for any more coyotes. Dawn was at 6:28am but it was really about 7:00am that the sunlight caught the underside of the arch and fired it up.  The sun rose just behind the La Sal mountains it was a spectacular sunrise; the first one the girls have ever seen. That moment that the sun crests the horizon is magical.  We got some great pictures.  Jessica was a little tired and Sophia was fully energized, climbing rocks and jumping around. That girl is the energizer bunny.

After that we headed to Dead Horse State Park to have breakfast (Cheerios, Special K) on the balcony outside the visitor centre. We had the most amazing view of the valleys. A chipmunk came by looking for any handouts but we know better than the feed the wildlife.   Then Tom went for a mountain bike ride. Sophia tried it but it was too strenuous. We hiked instead and saw mule deer hoof prints. After that we went to the visitor centre to look at the artist displays, gift shop and museum. The kids did puzzles and another junior ranger program.

After this we got back to the RV around 12pm -- it had been  7 hours !  We just chilled out then went into Moab around 4:30pm for dinner, some groceries, a car wash and Sophia got a pink cowboy had that lit up with LED's -- very chic.

Again , another great day but we sure did pack a lot in. This is NOT a fly and flop vacation but we wouldn't have it any other way.

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