Friday, July 26, 2013

Day 1: Home to Lansing, MI

We are en route!   Departure day always has a mix of excitement and anxiety and this one was no different. Somewhere along they way I lost my list.  MY LIST.  I lived by that list to know what to take. In the end I just had to wing it and hope I remembered all 50 things I had written.  

However, this is a good reminder. This trip is only partly planned. With lots of room for the unplanned. Winging it is where the unexpected delights will come.

We have some vague idea of rafting, lots of hiking and biking and we have 1 tour day booked with Highpoint Hummer.  It will be fun to see what ends up happening.    

It's time to just be relaxed that we are looking forward to. Life has been so hectic; the days are blurring together.    We are going to slow things down and really enjoy the kids.  They are both maturing so fast.  I want to get to know what they're thinking.   It's been 30 years since I thought like a kid; I hope I remember!

Mulling all of this while sitting in the co-pilot seat and I read a great article that seems totally on point to kick-off this vacation.  After reading "Sweet Spot",  (link below), I agree , we are in the "sweet spot". And this is one of the few vacations we've had where we didn't cater to the kids all the time.  

Well back to my duties as navigator and head of the cabin crew.  Anyone need a blanket, a drink, a snack?   Sophia has already played travel bingo ( I played too), and the kids played Spot It (great game) and I quizzed Tom on the capitals of the states (he needs some study time).  

Sweet spot:

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