Friday, July 27, 2012

Paris - Day 7

My last post !! Trip is almost over. It was so great. I'm so glad I blogged as I went because honestly, I don't remember what I did was so much and yet there was a lot of downtime mixed in.    Au revoir Paris -- until next time !!!

What I Did
-Giverny by train from St. Lazare to Vernon; then by bike to Giverny
-Gardens of Claude Monet; after seeing his paintings all was a delight to see his home and gardens. I went around the water lily pond three times.
-stopped at church in Giverny 
-shopping and browsing in Vernon
-stopped at church in Vernon -- I think this was my favourite church in France; it was small but grand; it had paintings and reminded me of the Louvre; it was just so peaceful and beautiful
-picnic lunch by the Seine in Vernon ...swans swimming ...I wonder this is how it must have been even 400 or 1000 years ago; maybe some medieval people picnic'd where I was.
-tonight -- going back to Le Journal St. Michel for big band and maybe ...champagne

What I Ate
-cafe au lait & croissant in Monmartre
-clementine in Monet's garden (not sure I was allowed to eat here...but snuck it in)
-gourmet sandwich (bought at a boulangerie in Vernon) & sparkling water - picnic by the seine in Vernon
-snack on the train home -  pain aux raisins (raisin danish)
-dinner - red wine & quiche provencal (bought at a charcuterie in Vernon)-hotel

Lessons Learned
-5 day metro pass still works on Day 7
-great website for planning a trip from Paris to Giverny:
-get to the train station with at least 40 min to spare; line ups are long and tellers are S-L-O-W.  there were at least 3 people freaking out in the line that they were going to miss their train; I went at 10am Fri morning; if you're going near the weekend or holidays -- plan for even more time -- it was a zoo when I got back around 6pm tonight
-bike ride to Giverny is totally worth it. The ride down Rue Claude Monet is worth it -- so many restaurants and art galleries you would not see from the road.
-bring rain gear (I had my poncho from Polynesian Cultural Center in Oahu) and I used it. It was handy for the bike riding (not sure how you could ride and hold an umbrella); bring plastic bag to wrap camera and electronics in.
-buy picnic provisions in Vernon and eat by the Seine !  There is a marche on the main street with lovely champagnes.    Or there are lots of restaurants in Giverny and Vernon.
-plan time ot shop in Vernon -- during the July sales, the prices are so much cheaper than Paris.
-In Giverny I felt icthy and looked on my skin and hundreds of tiny (as long as this letter "i" in type font) little bugs or caterpillars are crawling all over my arms and probably legs. Ughhhhh.  I could see them on the lady's back in front of me. This was even more gross.  I had to just block out that fact that I was literally crawling with bugs.   Going for a massively long hot shower now.

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