Thursday, July 26, 2012

Paris - Day 6

What I Did:
-Musee D'Orsay --- Van Gogh is stunning; my favourite might be his self portrait.
-"Forbidden" Picnic - Jardins des Luxembourg ( the gendarme came and told me to get off the grass at which point I found a lawn chair.....oops)
-read in said lawn chair for an luxurious in the Luxembourg
-Pantheon -- wow some amazing people are interred here.
-came back to hotel to shower at 4pm - very hot and sweaty - ick;
-5:30pm back downtown - Ice cream at Berthillion
-Shakespeare and Company - bought Jess and Soph Romeo and Juliette. They stamped it with the bookstore awesome...they will have that when they read this play the first time.
-Musee D'Orsay - Part II; I just had to go back for more; it's like food for the soul and I'm on the buffet plan.
-Eiffel Tower at night..... just magical

What I Ate:
 -cafe au lait, croissant
-bought a picnic lunch -- quiche aux champignons & epinard, assorted macaroons and Heineken beer -- something just so wicked about having beer and macaroons.  It's just way too hot here to drink wine.
-dinner -- wine & chips at Eiffel tower; later baguette, cheese, red wine at the hotel

Lessons Learned:

1. The first time you see the Eiffel Tower at night light up, you need to be on the field in front, with a blanket, a bottle of champage and your love. It's a truly magical moment and I wish Tom was here with me !!
So if you go to the Eiffel tower at night: find a spot to camp (either on the field infront or across the river on the quay); bring a blanket, food (sandwiches, sushi, fresh fruit, .....whatever) , and beverage (champagne preferably). And enjoy the show.

2. The "Paris Visite" metro pass unlimited for 5 days works on the 6th day so far!  I hope it keeps working tomorrow. :-)

3. I went back to Musee D'Orsay 2 times today.  The second time I only went to see Van Gogh, Monet and Gaugin and Renoir.  It was such a pleasure to see these works of art a second time , totally unhurried.  They are truly so much more spectacular than the photos would show. 

4. Again I did not rent the audio guide, but I did buy the visitor guide (8 Euro); this helped explain a few things about the major paintings. I also eavesdropped on some of the guided tours to find out more about the painting.

5. If you have gifts to buy for people and can buy classic books, wait until you go to Shakespeare and Company  - they will stamp the book and it will be a truly special gift. The Stamp says " Shakespeare and Company - Zero Kilometer Paris"

6. Do not have picnic on grass at Luxembourg Gardens ! Go find a lawn chair.

7.  I've been told a few times now by guys working at the various venues that I'm so beautiful !! (tonight was the guard outside Musee D'Orsay)   Okay ...maybe the French guys say this to all the ladies, but it's still nice to hear it!!   I hear them say something as I walk by and then stop and say "Pardon?" I have no idea what they've said. Then they have no issues telling me what a beautiful woman I am. Wow, a girl can get used to getting random declarations of beauty!

8. my personal biggest lesson learned is that I think I overthink things. (I don't really want to over think this and so have accepted it as a truth for now). In light of the truth that I overthink things, I'm ceasing and desisting after I think the same thought 2 times. makes things so much easier if I don't churn things around so much.  e.g. I want an ice cream?  yes I do. That's it...end of thought. No thinking that it's crazy to spend that much on an ice cream , or that I will get fat off this ice cream. Nope. I'm just going to buy the damned ice cream and eat it like a 2 year old would.  (by the way it was rum and raisin and by goodness there was a heck of a lot of rum in it-- way more than you get in the "Canandian" version of rum and raisin. And was damned good. So good, I licked the napkin where it had melted because it's like 35 degrees here in the day; the poor guy saw me do this and called me over, took my now empty cone and put another scoop in it for free ! Not sure about the hygenic aspect of touching the scoop to my well -licked hey...not my problem. I got a 2nd scoop !!)

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