Monday, July 23, 2012

Paris - Day 3

Monday, July 23, 2012

What I did

-Louvre 9am-2pm
-shopping including Printemps; bought more stuff for me; such a me-me-me vacation - saw them at the church Madeleine, free at 4pm - amazing flute solo
-Les Violins de France --also at Madeleine but at 8:30pm and cost 25 Euro;  amazing violin solo

This day I cannot describe; highlight was the Louvre and Ave Maria at the evening concert; so much beauty in one day, plus shopping, plus sitting at cafes reading and eating.

What I ate

Breakfast:   cafe au lait, croissant, egg/mushroom/potato omelet with salad
Snack: Banana and granola bar
Dinner:   Pasta, Heineken followed by red wine.

Lessons Learned

-eat breakfast just in front of the Louvre; wander over 5 min before opening time, go in at side entrance (avoid metro & Pyramid entrance) and get to the Mona Lisa first, while there is room.

-concerts in the church Madeleine are so worth it. The acoustics are amazing and value cannot be beat.

-when shopping , if you spend over $175 Euro same day/same store; get your tax credit form filled out that same day; you'll be reimbursed at the airport.

-walking around the Louvre for 4 hours solid only got me through about 1/2 of it. I did not go to sculptures and other cultures. I was there for the paintings and that's what I focused on.   You cannot see all of it in one day unless you zoom through on a segway.

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