Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Departing Toronto Dec. 14

7:17am Mapleleaf Lounge, Pearson Airport

We've made it through checkin , security and customs and thanks to our aero plan points we have access to the executive lounge. People are grumpy this early in the morning but we are not. Sophia's smile could not be bigger. We just ignored our taxi driver's frown and the grumpy Air Canada personnel. I hope their day gets better!
The lounge is fantastic --fruit, coffee, tea,juice and toast. Even free beer after 11:00am. Free beer is good! We even got to keep our bananas and apples through US Customs.
The girls are watching Treehouse TV in the children's lounge and we're just hanging out. Finally relaxing after what seems like an insane pace over the last few weeks.

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