Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Stealing Power, "Mommy, I don't like White Bread" and the real Windy City

Day 13 -Mon. July 12th - Yellowstone NP, WY to Arco, ID

This was our last day at Yellowstone :-(. It is always sad to leave this place. We had our rig all hooked up and just pulling out of the Loop A when we hit a 5th Wheel and pickup truck blocking the way for the foreseeable future. He had trouble with his slideouts. What a pain. We had to unhook the car, backup, hook up again and drive the wrong way out of the loop.
This was 4 nights of going without electricity and we were in the "non-generator" loop so we couldn't start that up. We were so careful with using the house batteries until last night Tom found out from our neighbour that the power worked! We covertly plugged in for 1 night and noticed in the morning that another camper did the same thing.

We drove out through the West Entrance for the first time and there was so much construction. It wasn't bad for us exiting the park but those entering were delayed hours at least.

Finally we said good-bye to Yellowstone and drove from Wyoming, through a tiny part of Montana and into Idaho.

At the gas stop [where later Tom discovered he left behind his lockable fuel cap] I bought some bread to make sandwiches, but they just had white bread at the convenience store ($3.29 for a loaf!). I made cheese sandwiches for the girls and was shocked to hear Sophia tell me that she doesn't like white bread. I realized then that this child has really never been exposed to a sandwich on white bread -- only ever Rye or Whole Wheat. Well...that made us feel like good parents. :-)

Idaho has the most wilderness of any of the lower 48 states. We drove miles without seeing signs of life. Our Road Atlas is from Wal-mart and has a directory of all Wal-Mart stores. We decided to stop at Idaho Falls to get groceries before getting to Arco. This we realized was a great decision after we saw how little Arco was. The wind was so high in Idaho --we could barely walk the parking lot, and it was difficult to drive in. Tom went 10 miles slower than he would normally and he said the RV kept gearing down. This made for a strenuous drive -- I know Tom drove safely in it though, but we were ready to stop for the day. We saw a motorcyclist in front of us just blowing around on the road and we passed a pickup & trailer that were obviously having trouble due to the high wind.

Finally we pulled into Arco and were scared on sight about what kind of place we picked. It was tiny -- maybe 4km by 3km of populated houses , mostly small and a little run down in spots. We decided to shorten our stay to 1 night instead of 2 and "get the heck out of Dodge".

To our surprise the KOA was well kept, clean and there could not be more friendly people. We got each a warm, fresh baked chocolate chip cookie on check in.

The girls and Tom went to "The Market" and got me a coconut cake and we had a mini-celebration /Happy Birthday for me back at the camper.

Hey -- this is the most "west" any of us has every been.

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