Friday, July 30, 2010

July 25th -29th - Sonoma, Napa & San Francisco

It's almost 1/2 way through our time on the road. We have so many experiences and places that we've seen. The most special thing though is to have time. Time to have a conversation, listen, cook, eat, read, think -- many of these things have been given because we're a 2-parent working family, or we rush through them and miss the joy of the moment. I hope I remember to not get so consumed by work when I get back and keep things in a more balanced perspective. I think that is my lesson to learn from the journey.

Sophia has these moments of wisdom. Yesterday she came up: "Mommy even strangers are our family. Really. It's just that we don't remember. " I talked to her about this to see where she was coming from -- if it was just some random thought. But she really meant that we were all knowing each other and connected like a family -- everyone in Canada she said -- but that we just forgot. Imagine how the world would be if we did not treat each other like strangers and recognized that we're all connected. What a wise kid. That's quite an appropriate name then that Tom and I chose for her :-)

July 29th
-- today we went to Sonoma City and had lunch at "A Taste of the Himalayas" - they had yummy dahl, naan and chicken tikka and tandoori. The girls fed the donkeys wild hay and grass , they climbed a rock climbing wall they have at the campground, they swam, they did the petting zoo and scavenger hunt and finished off the day with a movie and popcorn in bed. Whew! We're tired! ;-) Jessica's ears are still tender and the twice daily rubbing alcohol washes are not fun. Poor kid. It was fun to talk to Mom, Dad, Nav and Samantha over Skype. We miss you guys and good to see baby Cuddles! :-)

July 28th -- this was a recovery day from our day in San Francisco. We did arts and craft, rock climbing wall, petting zoo and pool. Later in the day we went to Costco and for groceries. On the day we stopped at gas station to have the car washed. Wow! This was more than a gas station. It was Matt and Jeff's Car Wash and they hand washed and vacuumed our car. There was a gift shop in back where I met Jeff and got to talking about books. There was a book shelf of books that were reviewed by Jeff and I wanted to buy every one. We settled for 4 -- buy 3 get 1 free. Tom picked 2 and I picked 2. Jeff's wife runs the gift shop and I knew it was something special just from the type of products -- the best niche ones. It felt like I was in a store with hand-picked favourites that a kindred spirit would choose. It was great talking to Jeff and finding an owner of a business who would talk to customers. How refreshing! He gave me an overview of many books and in the end I chose "Three Weeks with my Brother" by Nicholas Sparks and Micah Sparks. (Nicholas Sparks wrote "The Notebook" ). Jeff said it was appropriate because Tom and I are on a journey and so were these 2 brothers. The book is great, by they way. I don't even really like non-fiction and I can barely put it down. I think that meeting Jeff and buying this book is all part of something being set in motion. I know I'll remember him and our discussion about these wonderful books in a gift shop at a car gas station/wash of all places. Read the reviews of other people and you'll see how special a place this was.

July 27th -- our day in San Francisco! Jess got her ears pierced in Union Square. The tram cars are OK but overrated and the line up is brutal. Fisherman's Wharf was fun - we ate at Bubba Gump's Shrimp Factory. Alcatraz was cool to see but I felt creeped out just being there and claustrophobic just looking at those cells and imaging someone living there year after year.
It was a 12+ hour day and the girls both did great. We ended the day at Union Square at a Chinese restaurant and then stopped briefly at the Golden Gate Bridge.

July 26th -- We toured Napa Wineries -- Sterling & Beringer and at the best Pizza place in the world called -- Nuthin' Fancy - Just the good stuff. And it was. Sterling was fantastic - we took a tram ride up to the winery and tasted 5 wines. We left with many more than that. :-) Beringer -- beautiful landscaping and I bought 10 wines there for $100.

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