Monday, July 26, 2010

July 24- Driving the Redwood Highway to Petaluma, CA

Well this was a spectacular drive through more of the Redwood State parks and some curvy and hilly drives along the shore. We were so looking forward to getting to the KOA campground. It was a 6 hour drive day so we got up at 5am and left Redwood park by 5:50am. We were on track to make it to Petaluma by 1pm.

But at 12:30pm, just 1/2 hour away, trouble struck. We had the front passenger tire blowout on Highway 101. Tom is an fantastic driver and safely got out huge vehicle over to the narrow shoulder safely. Thankfully this did not happen on curve, hill or road with no shoulder. The tire was overheated and just disintegrated. The rim was almost on the ground. It was quite dangerous where we ended up -- part of the RV was still over the white line and in on-coming traffic. Tom immediately unhooked the CRV and had me drive away with the girls to the next exit so they were safe. He stayed behind and got AAA out to help him jack up the RV to change the tire.

I waited with the girls at local coffee shop - they had their colour books and I bought them ice cream. The owners were so nice as we spread out all their stuff. It took about 2 hours. I worried the whole time until I saw Tom drive up safely into the parking lot. We didnt' know exactly where we'd meet up but I had the CRV parked prominently so Tom could see it when he drove by.

We were both frazzled after this day and glad to check into our site. The Petaluma KOA is a huge campground. We took the girls to a show they had in the evening with reptiles and wild cats. The girls enjoyed the albino snake, lemur, baby alligator and others. We saw a little dessert fox that they say may never need to drink water in its lifetime.

It was a long day and we made it.

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