Monday, July 26, 2010

July 21/22- Good-bye Oregon - Hello California

July 21st - Day 22, Charleston, OR

I started this day by going for a bike ride and went to the county park next to our camp ground. It was a massive hill that I walked my bike up partially but the views at the top were worth it. I then cycled down to the beach and found my way back to the highway which had marked cycle lanes on each side. It was great to cycle along the ocean and see the water and sand. Tom and I try to give each other an hour a day to do something just for ourselves -- to surf the net, read, bike, ..... just a little downtime.

We went to the Coos Bay farmer's market. The girls actually saw food being sold outside by the people who grew them. This is a far cry from the Metro or Loblaws shopping experience they are used to.

We bought fresh Oregon blackberries (they called them Obsidian and 2 other varieties; the guy selling them looked at me with surprise when I told him that I'd only ever known them as 'blackberries' and they came from Mexico in our supermarket back home), raspberries (delicious), blueberries (being baked into muffins as I type) , kolrabi, tomatoes, butter-leaf lettuce and so-yummy sour dough bread which we ate right out of the bag as we browsed the market. We also got cinnamon bread and a focchia /olive oil/ tomato/cheese bread (amazing).

We ate very well for days off this delicious food.

We ended this day by going for an evening walk at the beach. Sophia and Jessica loved walking at the edge of the waves --waiting for one to roll over their toes and screaming delightfully when the icy water nipped them.

July 22, Day 23 -- Entering California

A short 2 1/2 hour drive from Coos Bay is the California Border. We did not expect to be stopped and searched -- but we were by the Deparment of Agriculture. They asked what fruit and veggies we were bringing in and they inspected our outside compartments (any wood, lawn chairs) for the Gypsy moth that is threating the trees in California. The inspector came up to our window and asked what fresh food we had on board. She made sure the avocadoes and oranges were from California. She also said we ate very healthy when she heard what else we had: tomoatoes, lettuce, spinach, nectarines, apples, bananas, blackberries, blueberries, onions, potatoes, red pepper, corn (de-husked is OK), jalapeno, cucumbers, carrots, and kolrabi. We can't carry a lot of food with us, but we have a great variety. Back home meals seemed like a chore but on this vacation it's been fun to buy the food, plan the meals and then make them. It's a lot less stressful than our usual routine of commuting home tired, picking up the kids, rushing to make and eat dinner before bedtime.

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