Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July 20 - Charleston, OR - Day 21

The Oregon Dunes

Our destination today was Oceanside RV in Charleston - about 2 hours south of Seal Rocks RV Park. We left at 10:30am and stopped for lunch at the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. We climed a tall and steep sand dune and Tom, Jessica and Sophia went down the other side to expolore the coastline (even steeper). I stayed put and enjoyed the miles and miles of coast visible from my vantage point. The sand was toasty warm from the sun, even though it was chilly with the winds and it felt great between my toes.
After this I made grilled cheese and we enjoyed it right there in the parking lot before heading back to our drive.

The views from the Coastal Hwy 101 were gorgeous alternating between forest and coastline. I worked with Sophia on writing her letters and I gave her a test to write each letter. She only wrote 3 of them backwards which is a great improvement from the start of the trip - way to go Sophia!

In another hour we pulled into Oceanside RV and it did not look great at first, but the park extended into the back and we got a great site just 2 min walk from a sandy flat beach. We are in a sheltered spot so don't feel the wind but we do hear the ocean waves and what sounds like a very annoying repeating horn of some kind.

Dinner tonight was yummy: bacon wrapped scallops, steak with garlic mushroom, roasted potatoes with onions and steamed broccoli. The girls also had some whole wheat pasta since they are not potato fans.

We had a fire tonight and the kids had hot chocolate by the fire and then toasted a few marshmallows. It may be our only campfire of the trip as we head into California and then hopefully hot-hot-hot weather. The days are sunny here but cool. It seems there is heat wave all around us and I want to feel some of it!

Tomorrow we are going into the Farmer's Market at Coos Bay and explore North Bend a bit. Jessica and Sophia both want to ride their bikes more and we might attempt a sand castle at the beach tomorrow.

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