Wednesday, July 14, 2010

F-O-R-D - Found on Road Dead (sort of) & Lava Rock Climbing into Icy Caves

Day 14, Tues. July 13 -- Arco ID to Boise ID

We were just ready to pull out of our site at Arco KOA and the RV would not start. Finally I crawled into the trunk of the CRV (the bikes were on so I went in from inside the car) and got the jumper cables and Tom boosted the engine batteries from the house batteries. I had to use my skinny arm to connect the cable to the back battery post. I did this after confirming with Tom that this would not kill me by chance. He assured me that the circuit was open and I was safe. ;-)

We decided to get ourselves to Boise Wal-Mart and new batteries but on the way out I spied a Car Quest sign and we went there for a new fuel cap and bought the batteries there and installed them right on the spot in the parking lot. I have to say that I'm impressed that Tom had every tool he needed. I helped him to get adjustable wrench, hammer, etc. The auto garage took our old batteries even. An hour or so later we were back on our way.

Just on the way out I saw a sign that said: "Arco - the first town in the world to be lit by atomic energy".

Wow !! We did not realize this when we stayed here.

Craters of the Moon -- The girls got their 2nd "Lunar" Ranger badges here. What a cool place. There are fields of lava flows here that are hardened -- the size of Rhode Island. It is so vast. Over 20 volcanoes in the park. We went up to the cone of an old (2000 yrs old) Volcano and then a .8 mile hike into these caves which we explored Beauty Cave. It was only a few feet down and we needed flashlights but surprising how cool it was - like an early winter day.

It was incredibly windy and Tom carried Sophia the last 1/2 mile out. The girls both did well hiking the path and climbing down and back out of the caves. Lava Rock is very sharp.

This is a memory I'll always keep with me as it's a place like no other on earth. In fact they trained astronauts here to prepare them for the surface of the Moon.

The newest "Lunar" Rangers:

In Beauty Cave:
Sophia climbing out:

We pulled into Boise and went out for a great dinner which included Alaskan King Crab -- yummy!

We are just heading in for some sleep. By tomorrow we'll be in Oregon and in Pacific Time.

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