Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 5 (Custer, SD) & Day 6,7,8 ( Cody, WY)

It's 10:49pm on Wed. July 7 and we've been both too exhausted to write anything to the blog the last few days. Tomorrow we're heading into Yellowstone and will be without internet until July 13 so I wanted to write a "catch-up" for July 4-7th.

Day 8 - July 7th, Cody, WY

Today Sophia and I jogged! She had to try out that new sweater. We jogged all the way from our camper to the main house where they served free pancakes each morning (about a 2 minute walk) and Sophia ate 2 of the pancakes! I brought her back and then went for a real jog around the camp - 3 times. It's the first time this trip we had energy to exercise. The first week has been just about catching up on sleep. Tom went for a bike ride around the airport and back.
We went to a Trading Post with miniature village and many relics of the Indians and early settlers. It was fun to see and the kids could press buttons to make the model trains go. They were both in awe of a scene where the Indians chased the buffalo up a cliff and over so they fell to their deaths. The miniature scene was as large as a small swimming pool and had many dramatic reenactments.

We found Wal-mart , shopped, has a great lunch of BBQ chicken & shrimp fajitas that Tom and I made and then went to the pool.

Tonight was the Cody Nite Rodeo -- our first Rodeo! They had the kids go down ( about 100 of them) and try to catch ribbons from a calf's tail . It was pretty safe and the kids had a great time! Jessica is disappointed she didn't win but those calves were fast! The bull riders were amazing, as well as the bare back riding on the bucking wild horses, the calf roping (Sophia cheered for the calf to win) and the barrel races which Jessica loved.

Day 7 - July 6th, Cody, WY

It was a cold and dreary day in Cody today. Pickering was 32 degrees and here was 14! Well we needed a down day to recuperate from all this driving so we hung out in the camper....played cards and taught Jessica to play Crazy Eights. Sophia did games on the computer. Later in the day though - it warmed up and we spent the afternoon at the jumping pillow and pool. Later we had a great dinner at the Irma Cafe -- a prime rib buffet where the kids were free! Sophia loved the fettuccine Alfredo and asked me to make it since then. The girls behaved so well at dinner - Tom and I are so proud of them. Cody is a very picturesque town and stores are nice to browse through. We got Sophia a new sweater as the one I brought her has the sleeves ending at her elbows -- she's grown so fast I can't keep up. She's very proud of her new sweater!

Day 6 - July 5th, Custer, SD to Cody, WY

This was magnificent drive with a mountain pass at just over 9600 ft. We literally drove through the clouds. I will let the pictures speak for themselves when Tom posts them.

Day 5 - July 4th, Custer, SD

We went to Mount Rushmore in the morning. It was raining and chilly but we said we had to see this sight. This is when packing organization paid off -- with 2 golf umbrellas (Costco) and rain boots, and umbrellas for each girl, we were the best outfitted people in the park. We spent less than 30 minutes there --- walked in , saw the monument, which is worth seeing, got a family picture and then left as it started pouring rain. In the afternoon we went to Jewel Cave National Monument -- the 2nd largest cave system in the world (Kentucky has the longest). They have 1/2 mile of the 151 mile cave open to the public and we went down 240 feet in an elevator to a cave chamber to start our tour. This tour takes you through 723 stairs and another 100 feet lower in total through many rooms. It was like another world. Ranger Adrianne lead us and noticed right away that Sophia (who is somehow 1st down the stairs in the group of 30) is quite nervous in this setting -- it's about 9 degrees and the metal railings are cold and wet. She put Sophia at ease saying she was her helper and leader and by the end Sophia had no problem , even when my heart was stopping on some of the steeper sets of stairs or walk ways over the big open areas that overlooked deep caverns. We saw some cave formations called "popcorn", "draperies", "boxwork" and even the "fried eggs" and "big bacon" which truly looked like a huge piece of bacon or ribbon extending down from the roof of the cave in delicate curves. Wow.
So after a tour of Rushmore in the morning , followed by 1 hour cave tour involving 723 steps the small children should be exhausted.....right? No. We went back to camp for a couple hours at the water slide and pool -- rain, cool weather and all. Kids -- they don't let much deter them from fun.

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  1. Yes, indeedy, mighty hot and humid in Ontario!! Just spent 2 days in Algonquin. Great place. Enjoying reading of your travels.