Friday, July 2, 2010

Boondocking at Cabela's

As I write this tonight, we are parked overnight in Cabela's in Rapid City, South Dakota...just off the I-90.  Not much point in a campground, since we'll be moving on first thing in the morning.

We spent the day on I-90 really...not mountainous by any means, but still very hilly terrain with fields and grasslands to the horizon. The RV worked hard today hauling us up so many hills. It is incredibly windy here as well - we drove portions of the trip today below 90km/h...any faster and I felt like I was weaving all over the road. Thankfully it calmed down a bit later in the day, but now that we're parked, the wind is shaking the RV around a surprising amount.  The speed limit is high here - 75 mph or 120 km/h...lots of cars and even transports flying by us.

We left Louis and Clark State Park this morning at a fairly lazy 9:00AM today and have pretty well crossed the entire state. We had a great night's sleep there thanks to the A/C cooling things down. This morning we stopped for an hour in Sioux Falls, South Dakota to see the falls, of course! Thankfully we were able to squeeze into their parking lot...consuming 6 regular parking spots in the process! I keep forgetting how long this RV/CRV combination really is. Thankfully it was early enough in the day (and a weekday) so we didn't cause anyone too much of a problem.

As you can see from the photos below, the Sioux Falls are more like rapids falling over the reddish rocks that is seems to be common in the area. Even the asphalt roads here have a red tinge to them. We sure kept a good grip on the girls here to avoid anyone taking an unplanned dip in the river! There was a 5-story observation tower on the grounds that we climbed for a better view.

While driving westbound along the I-90 this afternoon, Sunny asked if I was still up for a side-trip....and thankfully I was! We left I-90 at exit 131 to pass through the Badlands National Park - rejoining I-90 at exit 110. What an incredible the photos show.  The first photo is out our windshield - a typical view of I-90. 

Up next is a visit to the South Dakota Air & Space Museum, followed by Mt. Rushmore...and perhaps one of the many caves here...

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