Sunday, June 20, 2010

One step closer to departure

11 days ‘til departure…

We have traded sites with our new friends Daryl & Michael, and so today we moved the RV out of our seasonal site and into an RV storage yard near our home. Once they close the sale of their condo, Daryl & Michael will spend the month of July on our site at Cedar Beach. Since it was the last day we would have full hookups, Sunita cleaned the interior from top to bottom in preparation for the start of our trip. I packed up all the exterior compartments and cleaned off all the bugs from last week’s trip to Camping World in Churchville, NY. I’ve also unloaded a LOT of unnecessary “stuff” out of the RV to try and save some weight – there’s no sense in hauling gear to California that we won’t use. Once Sunita was done inside, I dumped the tanks. Will fill the fresh water to the top the day before we leave since we will have 3 nights of boondocking before we arrive in South Dakota, where we will once again have full RV hookups and be able to dump our tanks and recharge our batteries.

Apart from a final exterior wash, the only things left to do are to load clothes and food!

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