Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Countdown Continues...Plus New Glasses!

Wow! Our girls have just 3 days of school remaining....and we
are down to 4.5 days of work! Yay! Time's really flying by and we have so many
tasks left to accomplish we hardly know what to do next! Our dining room is
beginning to look like a stockroom, with bedding, towels, clothing and other
items piled high, waiting to be loaded into the RV. We're GOING to forget
something...just hope it's nothing crucial!

New Specs!

Jessica got a new pair of glasses yesterday. Since we both wear glasses, it
was inevitable. She's been so excited to get them, I had to take her right
after dinner last night to go pick them up. She chose a nice practical case
for herself - pink (of course) with a butterfly embroidered on it. She is
one happy kid!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, Jessica you looks so pretty in those! You made a good choice, they really suit your face.

    About forgetting something, we always say before we set off that if we have forgotten something, we can always buy one, because, after all we aren't going to Outer Mongolia!

    The anticipation is half the fun!