Monday, June 21, 2010

Countdown 9 Days to Go, Father's Day Weekend and Wisdom from a 4 year old

Countdown - T-9d
It's "T minus 9" days to departure. I'm sort of ready from a packing perspective but the devil is in the details. I worry I'm going to forget something important. I need to get Sophia's puffer renewed because it's expired and she might need it on the trip -especially at the high altitudes. This requires a yet unmade appointment with the family doctor and fitting that into a work schedule. I should put together a list of their previous medications in case they need antibiotics while we're away and the doctor want's to know their last prescriptions. I have not given a thought to what meals we need those first few days because I should take enough groceries with us as we're on a pretty heavy driving schedule the first 4 days. The key item to avoid as we know from the last trip through customs is anything citrus. I remembered this last weekend on the QEW, just a few kilometers from the Queenston-Lewiston Bridge at Niagara Falls, and hence a lime went flying out of our RV into the bushes by the roadside. Hopefully no animals were hurt in this process.
Besides food and medicines there is the clothing for 2 months for 4 people, ranging from bathing suits to full-on winter apparel for Yellowstone and all assorted shoe wear.
Lately I went on a great shopping spree at Scholar's Choice buying everything from workbooks to multiplications times table chart (goal is to get Jessica to learn as least the 1x12 to 5x12 tables), to arts and craft stuff. I ended up splurging on a fantastic Princess Playmobil toy set that I can't wait to play with, never mind the girls. These items are hidden away and will appear at opportune times on the drive when I 'm about to lose my mind if they start saying "When are we going to get there" and it's mile 559 out of 14,000.

Father's Day Weekend
We had a great Father's Day weekend up at Cedar Beach this weekend. We started in the morning with breakfast for Tom and then Dad, Mom, Navin and Samantha came up for a day at the beach. Navin and Samantha killed Dad and I at Dominoes. Dad was getting pretty frustrated at me the novice Domino player smiting my Domino skills at one point by saying "You're just like your mother" to which I said thanks - that's a compliment! ;-)

Wisdom from a 4 year old
On this past weekend, we were at Camp and checking that we had sufficient cash to get to George Karpouzis' Coolest Little Ice Cream Shop for ice cream. I mentioned to Sophia that money was important for this. She looked at me and said "Mommy, money is not important. Money is important if you're fine. But if you're not fine then money isn't important". I was utterly blown away by the innate wisdom of these words. It makes me realize even more that Tom and I could not have made a better decision than to make ends meet and made this trip happen this summer ...while we're all still fine.


  1. Lovely comment from Sophia. Your girls are beautiful.

  2. Get packin' sista! This blog is a great idea and I plan to check in on you periodically Have a fantastic time and drive carefully!

  3. How is the trip going? Any updates? Where are you right now?