Tuesday, June 29, 2010

24 Hours To Go!

Actually, we hit the road in LESS than 24 hours!  We are both working until noon and hope to be on the highway by 2pm.  We are in quite a packing and preparation frenzy with the primary focus tonight on clothing and camera/computer gear.  Hopefully I don’t forget some critical patch cable or battery.  The non-perishable food is loaded – just need to move the rest of the contents of our fridge out to the RV tonight.  Also we need to neaten the garage a bit since we need to squeeze the car in there yet.  It’ll fit, but it won’t be pretty…


Over the weekend I visited our local WalMart and bought two 7 inch DVD players for the girls – Happily there was a lot of selection and they have come down in price dramatically since last time I shopped for this type of item.  The dual-screen setup I bought from Canadian Tire some 4 years ago is ailing and only one screen works at all.    Now when they want, the girls can each watch a different movie and plug in headphones…so listening to Disney or Barbie will now be optional for us adults!  Since they have their entertainment, we decided yesterday to leave the TV behind completely.  It and the DVD player take up almost 2 complete overhead compartments….and we need the space.  Anyway, we only have analog TV reception in the RV, and with the USA being 100% digital now, there’s nothing to tune into for us anyway.   I suppose it’s time to upgrade sometime soon…but for now, between reading material and two laptops, Sunita and I have plenty to entertain us.


See you on the road…


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